Hello! My name is Daniel Grey. I am 22 years old and live in Melbourne Australia. I have been writing poetry and short fiction for about five years, and have in the last six months been attempting to put together an anthology in the hope of one day being published. I am submitting one of my poems, still a work in progress, and would appreciate any feedback, criticism et cetera to this address. Thank you.

Chrysalis - for drew

while early morning hums
as bees through
wooden venetians we lie
curled like larvae as
sluggish winter sun
hesitantly warms the day in a
soft drone of train rattle
and car
i stir and inhale
your first dawn breath
humid and warm
as you are a soft
enchanting moan splayed
entangled soft skin and
doona with
pixie ears and
dinosaur hair the
delicate transparency of your
eyelids and long
black lashes
and falling rocked by noise
into the gentle sleep of
our chrysalis the
truth of you dances like elves
across my mind

the mayfly emerges from
the chrysalis to
six short hours in
the sun
but leaves eggs as
tiny dewdrops
buzzing under winter earth
for re-emergence

Copyright 2003 by Daniel Grey