Gayle Goh, 12, from Singapore

The Four Seasons


Trumpets blared in early morning's stillness
Slumberous eyes awaken and clear
The maiden of blushing lilies pure
Gathers her skirts and flees in fear
Come, oh blessed Summer's joy
Sound thy early morning cry
Bless the dead earth with thy fresh kiss
And paint thy beauty in bright skies
Awaken the heat of the earth's sleeping core
Stir our silken locks with a caressing breeze
Put a song of joy in our deadened hearts
Flit in between us; your blue eyes to tease


Come hither, oh Autumn
With thy parched heart approach
From Summer's share in all year round
Let thy sly hands poach
Dance on feet stained with earthen clay
Blow acid winds 'cross the humid land
Let the world know of thy great power
Let the leaves know the chill of thy hand
Reside, Autumn warlock of wizened frame
Abandon thyself inhibited in joy
With all things living and all things green
Thy old fingers shall wickedly toy


Queen of frozen time encased
In bitter tears turned to twisted ice
Ruler of dead and burned out souls
Unveil thyself; man's hidden vice
Cover green ground in flakes of thy tears
Breath of destruction whisper over us
Smother the earth in death and sorrow
Oh Winter; thou art cursed
Thou art present when I take my last breath
As the curious swallow flies into thy trap
And drifts slowly to the whitened ground
Its vitality and strength thou greedily sap


Vain Spring, with thy auburn locks
Crowned wi' garland of glorious flowers
In thy august presence, fair maiden
Our mortal days likened to fleeting hours
As thy fragile feet brush the earth
The roses and lilies, like thy fair cheeks
Bloom and array their arresting beauty
Winding alongst pure and gentlest creeks
The world celebrates thy likeness
Imprinted amongst many a musty page
In prose and poetry; thy name be glorified
Oh Spring, thou art the season's wisest sage

Copyright 2000 by Gayle Goh