Hi, my name is Nicole Gibeault and I am 17 years old. I love writing poetry and I guess you could say that when I write its a chance for me to get away from my everyday routine. Writing is my escape. The following is a poem that I wrote for my boyfriend, its not my best work but I love it anyway and I hope whoever reads it enjoys it as much as I do.

My Love

Love came and went for me
.....or so I thought
Until you heard my silent plea.
Love me that's all I ask,
Show me what's under your mask.
You opened up a world to me,
A world of color and complete ecstasy.
You are my high,
My endless peak.
You have me soaring,
I can't even speak.
Your body against mine.
The thought is enchanting,
and amazingly divine.
You are the half that makes me whole.
You possess the key to my heart and soul.

Copyright 2000 by Nicole Gibeault