Carmen Gage: I am resident of the United States in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. I work for an advertising agency as an art director and enjoy writing poetry in my spare time, an interest that I have pursued for a little over a year now.

The Opiate of the Poet

A drop on the tongue is potent enough
For that wine of words to woo men wild;
That heavenly hash, O but a dash
Does beckon the uninhibited child.

A daring dip in Calliope's dish
With lyrical longing, stains poets' lips,
Her ambrosia brew, frothy with rue
Inebriates hearts of those mortal sips.

Rhetorical rhyme seduces in time
As the pipes of Pan hypnotically play;
So divine a sound drives the temples to pound,
And the souls of lovers to rock and sway.

What element of this wondrous drug
Causes a man to quake and to cower;
What marvelous fear exudes forth the tear
That waters the roots of the opiate flower?

Copyright 1999 by Carmen Gage