Apryl Fox, 21, has been published previously in or will have poetry forthcoming in the following magazines: "Word Riot," "Locust Magazine," "Ariga," "Megaera Magazine," "The Blue Fifth Review," "Erete's Bloom," "Snow Monkey," "Tryst," "Laughing Dog," "Kookamonga Square," and others. Apryl is currently working on several novels and hopes to have a book published some day.

Where They Buried George Washington

You who came from Washington, tell me,
where did they bury General Washington?
Was it in the District of Columbia where they buried him,
with his toes pointed towards the George Washington River,
or was it underneath a cherry tree in Rosa Park's Park?

There is a clothes store named after him, a library,
and a school, all within a twenty mile radius.
Further down,

a laundry mat that is selling
detergent for half-price off. Today is Abe Lincoln's birthday,
and the candy store is selling bubble gum for a penny.

Copyright 2003 by Apryl Fox

On the Eve of War

Throwing        fistfuls
        of      flowers into dark
eagles  with    broken          wings
        s  ing
    war rever      berates

ever    speaks
    and nothing but        destruction
        is ever      noticed.

Copyright 2003 by Apryl Fox