Sandi E. Filyaw: I was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I begin to write poetry at the age of eleven. I have published several poems in anthologies. Such as International Poetry, National Library of Poetry. I love writing; all my poetry is true. I hope you enjoy reading as I did writing it.

Missing Mother

I hear her in the whispering winds.
In the days steady rain.
I need her when my heart is heavily laden with pain.
I feel her as I a baby-
When I had laid upon her sweet breast.
Though many years now have past.
This sorrow still no rest.
I miss her dearly-
When the earth is covered in white.
If in my grief Mothers face I could see.
I know everything would be alright.
Her phone calls I still listen for.
I know this can no more be.
To hear the sound of her beautiful voice.
When mother had sung to me

Copyright 2000 by Sandi E. Filyaw