My name is Aliya Fatkhoutdinova. I am 18 years old. Despite I was born and live in the Russian province, the English language is much closer to me than the Russian one. That is very odd. I satisfy the hunger in my soul while writing poems in English. So, writing poetry is equal for me as well as reading the New Testament. I have enclosed most of my poems. Hope you will find some of them worthy of publishing. Have lovely weekends!


Passing by the street one day,
I met quite haughty ducks chatting on the way.
Discussing all the benefits of sunny weather,
They also played up to their neighbor's feather.

They highly committed themselves to the conversation.
So, seemingly the sudden rain wasn't worth attention.
These ladies even didn't mind getting cool and wet
And, thus, continued walking just without regret.

Copyright 2000 by Aliya Fatkhoutdinova