My name is Roe Estep, I am 56 yrs. of age, and have been writing for the past 30 yrs. I am a self-employed and own my own business. I live in southern Calf. and was born and raised on the east coast. My range of writing varies, but I lean toward love poems.


Shimmering pools in the moonlight
Your mirror images portray
Life like forms
That dance across your splendor
A vision unfolds
As the ripples move

Copyright 2000 by Roe Estep

Wings Of Freedom

There in majestic splendor
Yours wings stretch
Across the sky
Deep eyes hold their mystery
Of visions kept in silence
The soft down
Laid against your canvas skin
Covers your nakedness
In a shroud of protection
Against the wind you climb
To a view uncontained
Freedom is the kingdom
Of your soul

Copyright 2000 by Roe Estep

The Empty Glass

I am the empty glass
Waiting to be filled
Needing to feel
The hands that once held me
I am the finger pressed on the lips
Of my secret desire
Wanting to touch
What holds me captive
I am the longing
Of a wistful heart
Whose arrow has scorched
A deep path
I am the one who waits
In silent hours and endless thought
I am the empty glass
Waiting to be filled

Copyright 2000 by Roe Estep