Izabel Davis Elliott, 9

Peace be with you

The day is old and the water new.
That friendly hope that dwells inside you.
Anyone can imagine, pretend and dream
From unicorns to silver streams.

Any hope, any tale or any wishes
Or any pretty bright blue fishes.
Or any friendly, smiling face,
Will make the world a much brighter place.

Copyright 2000 by Izabel Davis Elliott

Careless The Balloon

Careless the balloon wanted to fly,
He imagined himself soaring high in the sky;
So he took off one day,
Not wanting to stay
And flew far, far away
Over lakes and leaf rakes,
Over trains and people with no brains
He didn't know why he wanted to fly
But when he tried he died.

Careless' funeral was held that day
Balloons came from their western way
When they started singing,
Careless's head started ringing;
So he sat up and said,
"You thought I was dead?
Why, I only bonked my head?"

So the Balloons started floating away,
Happy not to come again another day.
Careless yearned to learn why they cared,
And shared the time to celebrate his death.
Careless began to cry, but he didn't know why.
He knew that it was growing colder,
For he could see his breath
Careless took off and went back to the house,
Then slipped in the window
As quiet as a mouse.

--The End

A Care-free poem by Izabel Davis Elliott

Copyright 2000 by Izabel Davis Elliott

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