My Name is Stacey-Maree Cotter and I am a 16 year old student. Throughout my life, like many people, I have been through some tough times. To understand these tough times and to overcome them, I express myself through poetry. I have been writing poetry since I was seven years old I hope to some day write a poetry book.


The night was so long
I was falling asleep,
you called out my name,
it sounded so sweet.
As I felt the waves caress my toes,
I saw a boat,
Heard the rhythmic rows.
I felt you hand touch my arm,
I turned startled,
-in alarm.
I heard you whisper in my ear,
words I'd so longed to hear.
I felt with you right beside me,
there was nothing more I'd need.
You grabbed my arm and pulled me up,
and slowly began to lead.
Far and far I followed high into the sky,
I really should have realised
this is how you die.

Copyright 2000 by Stacey Cotter