Julie Copeland: Hi, my name is Julie and I have been playing around with words, ideas and emotions and trying to express this through poetry. I am married with two daughters and a son, my life has not always been as I had wished and yet this year I completed my degree. Life is about the now and the future with the past serving to remind us where we come from and how short life is. So we can only go forward by letting the past go and yet carry it's lessons within our hearts. I live in England.

My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter
You cannot know
How much my heart breaks
As I watch you grow

In time you'll become
Independent and free
Always my daughter
And special to me

As you grow older
You will see
Through the eyes of a mother
Reflections of me

Past, present and future
All intertwined
My mother, your mother
All daughters you'll find

Our reflections, not vanity
Mirrored lives we share
Always a daughter
Your mother, who cares.

Copyright 1999 by Julie Copeland

Evening Light

In the evening light,
I lie beside my love
Softly sleeping, dreams in flight,
My heart it breaks,
For I must leave before daylight.

Copyright 1999 by Julie Copeland

Kittens    (for Samantha)

Kitten pads across the floor
Softly, stalks the mouse by the door.
Bright eyes shining, stalking low
Sees a spider, and has to go!

Copyright 1999 by Julie Copeland