hi, my name is Chloe (pen name of clover) - I'm 17 years old and originally from New Zealand but i now live in Melbourne Australia. I've only really just got into writing poetry, not as an escape more just a means of expressing my mind in words. hope these are as good as those i have read!

Illogical Notion

run amock little childers
you all have one wish
lady whimsey
and mary quite contrary
both grant you so
blue pumpkin seeds
green eggs and ham
whichever you fancy
in the never ever land
a crocodile at my hand
rollicking fun
waiting for a wig with curls
abracadabra and other magic words
entangled in your fantasy
help i cant escape it
mayhem miss mayhem
please excuse me
the humdrum hobo
some mesmeric fetish
or persnickety paranoia
fabricated memories
off with your head
it's marvellous.

Copyright 2001 by Chloe

The World of What If

dont eat that
what if you choke
dont do that
what if you hurt someone
dont go out tonight
what if you get raped
or murdered?

dont wear that
what if it rains
dont listen to that
what if you go deaf
dont watch that
what if you go blind
or get a migraine?

dont drive that
what if you crash
dont swim there
what if you drown
dont do anything
i'll keep you in a bubble
and forever safe.

Copyright 2001 by Chloe

Cut Me

cut me out of this life
insert me elsewhere
in a background anew
no longer part of the frame
but somewhere in amongst it all
with the action and chaos
of a different life
please cut me
so i can feel something

Copyright 2001 by Chloe