Augustine Chan is currently undergoing his final year as an undergraduate in the National University of Singapore, majoring in Political Science and English Literature. Poetry remains his main literary interest. His works are influenced by Pablo Neruda and Eugenio Montale. His debut anthology -'Earth's Heaven'- is scheduled for publication in 2001.

Correson De Ausente Sentir

I long for your shadow to fall on mine,
In your words speaking rosewood aromas,
Or fire, or a drywater absence -
Your farewells extended into white wings
Trailing hurt and halfhearted through the sand.
I yearn for your fingerprints, leaves that lift
Brief impressions over my aching heart,
That I forget or remember always -
Like music scores that my voice takes to ply
On the sealanes of ransacked, stolen grief.
I still long for your kisses of bent hope
That inspire deep silence within me -
As I walk on in daylight, to rejoice
Within your song of morning's canopy.

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Correson De Tus Ojos En El Manana

Hidden amongst the bedsheets at morning,
My love - you are beautiful, beautiful
Just like the stairway of gold striking through
Dark, drawn curtains to bring in steps of light.
Our bedsheets billow, turning to sharp winds
Like half-expectant, matrimonial waves -
From your feet coral reefs of splendor rise
To your hips, breasts, cellos of white foam.
Your neckline describes you like a curved bow,
Towards your chin, poised like a sharp arrow -
Poised to the sun's melting, yellow bullseye.
Poised towards my heart of quivering threads:
My unknown huntress - you release your eyes,
And cagefuls of sorrows begin their flight.

Copyright 2000 by

Correson De Luz En El Agua

How light you seem - drawn round your thoughtful knees,
Your cheeks caught in a razor of half-blush,
Your chin arching to me like day's slim boat.
I build up my stanzas, like ornate swings
Around you: watch them shuffle, leaping through
With playful abandon to your stillness -
Stop for a mesmerized second, entranced.
Watching you like my precious, like a pause
Between two handclaps - a wary tension,
A search to find in that nervous friction
Of two opposite currents, common truths.
Man and wife, we have so much to cater -
Shoe fittings, language dilemmas to bridge
Two embankments of simple, shared demands.

Copyright 2000 by

Correson De Nuestra Comun Noche

If I should love you, holding up your head
On my shoulders and the night sky winding
With your immaculate flowers of light -
I love you because we are sharers in
One silence, one darkness, one breathing skin.
I love you when you lay down beside me -
A shadow of doubt that comes conquering:
Your eyes promise their honey formulas,
To make my heart swim in crazy questions.
That we face sweetly, both our minds threading
With hard intent the palmways of our hand -
Garment in the galaxy of our dreams.
One body of one life we both slip on -
One cloth, one night to cover you and me.

Copyright 2000 by

Correson De Azules Sombras

A lonely, blue wind saps the frightened night
As coffee runs its last dregs turning cold,
In your place, I sieve through our old stories -
Rugs where your stockings laced over, laughing
Blankets where your nails pulled, caressing me.
Before this loss, you were my steep darkness,
Filled substance of a moody, crippled man -
Tickles lifting stars to your immense light,
My home, my woman at day's tired end.
When I touched door buttons, you always came
In splashes, through taps of erotic water -
A kiss popping out seeds in falling drops.
That time, I lived on sharp, thin guitar strings,
Held by you - corset of wide-hot dimples.

Copyright 2000 by Augustine Chan