My name is Charissa Carr. I live in Lancaster, California. I am 15 years old. I have been writing poetry since I was about 12, and have over 50 poems. Most of my poems are about love. Here is one about my boyfriend Jesse. This poem was written a day before he went to college:

Thoughts of you

We gaze at the stars,
Imaginary ones will do.
Whatever it takes
Just to be with you.

Wrapped in your arms
Our heartbeats combined,
So close together,
Our souls intertwine.

Together all night
As one,
That might be over,
But we've just begun.

My love for you grows
With each passing day,
I never thought it possible
To love one this way.

The dreaded day has come
To say goodbye,
But our love will last
It is obvious why.

Our love is so strong
It will stay through the years,
It will shine through the laughter
And brave through the tears.

It will live through all
The good and bad,
And remind us each day
Of the blessing we had.

You are gone now
But remain in my soul,
Left with the thoughts of you
My heart remains a whole.

Copyright 2000 by Charissa Carr