Donald D. Campbell: My poetry is written to people of all walks of life. I began to write a few years ago, after a life changing event that showed me the way to happiness and peace with myself. I'm 51 years old now, and have written 176 works to date. These works have been read on the internet and in local papers, also in print that I distribute through an E-mail newsletter, and by people of all nations, races, religions, rich, and poor. I personally reside in McAllen, Texas, and dedicate my life here to writing down the concepts of God's guiding love in our lives.

Here I Stand

I stand here on the threshold of eternity,
Looking out over an ocean pulsating so free.
The strength I find renews my mind,
As waves lap at the shore, my heart does bind.

A purpose I see as I watch ever so long,
My heart quickens to see life, a heartbeat so strong.
A power of nature unfolding and free,
Beholding arms reaching, the magnificence ore taking me.

As I look out over her horizon so vast,
I can see heaven as a shadow is cast.
Tall mountains off on a distant shore,
Adds to her beauty as she knocks on my door.

My eyes gaze into her deepness as there I find,
Life as God gave it, with purpose in time.
Green pastures wave over a cloudy sky,
With flowers to accent God's gift to bring nigh.

See all the strength and beauty unfold,
Let it speak to your heart, bringing each lesson so bold.
God gives life to all for a reason.
Stretch out your arms to receive yours for a season.

Copyright 2001 by Donald Campbell

Go To The Mountain Top

I climbed the highest mountain top, to find myself there,
I listened for the birds and looked out everywhere.
Quietness I found, all alone I was there,
Looking down below, at my heart did I stare.

I thought of my life, all alone I was now,
How I struggled every day, for a purpose somehow.
The world seemed so distant, a place unlike my home,
I saw many people so sad and all alone.

The mountain air so crisp, refreshing to my mind,
Gave way to inner healing, a secret there to find.
I saw little chipmunks, dancing to and fro,
I heard squirrels chattering, I even fed a doe.

I saw a different world that day, much unlike my own.
As I felt my heart calling, my purpose to take home.
Our world can be a better place, one just needs the key,
Go to the mountain top, and there you too, will see.

Copyright 2000 by Donald D. Campbell

Cut From The Master

I came from the earth deep inside her crust.
Little did I know what would be made, as I was dust.
Then I felt the heat and warmth of such love,
As I formed into rock with a thought from above.

My body took on crystals and there I became,
An unpolished gemstone, an amethyst was my name.
Protecting my body, a shell of rock was my bed,
As I lay there for millenniums, I thought my purpose dead.

Then one day the ground shook and my shell was released,
Handled with care that seemed to never cease.
Long I had rested, deep within the ground,
Formed to perfection that now would be found.

I felt tender hands of a Master with care,
Seeing deep inside me, a jewel so rare.
He gently chiseled one layer at a time,
Slow were his movements, to bring eternal shine.

Day after day my body took on its shape,
Long was the process, as I felt my eternal wake.
Deep rich purple came forth with shining radiance,
As now He polished my crystal so luxuriant.

He stopped and smiled as His magnified eye searched deeply,
Warm were His hands as He cradled me so dearly.
Then a sigh I heard as He placed me under light,
As forth spilled a creation from deep in the night.

I lay in silence, as alone now I rested,
Sitting on a lit glass shelf, my colors manifested.
Joy sprung up that night as I realized His plan,
My beauty was created by the Master's loving hand.

Copyright 1999 by Donald D. Campbell

The Unknown Angel

A lonely child sits on a wooden bench,
Helpless and so full of distress.
He makes a fist and his hands clench tight,
To a piece of paper, his own words of fright.

It is a prayer his heart yearns for,
One wrote in anguish from his heart's door.
A tap on the shoulder, a man towers tall,
With a smile he greets him feeling the call.

He sits down beside a little boy so afraid,
As he speaks, his own heart prays.
"Help me to see what this little boy feels!
And help me to know a way to heal."

Arms to hold a little one so tender,
In a time of distress, he is to render.
He is an angel like you and I,
Just taking the time to hear a cry.

The call may come when one least expects,
To be an angel, to aid in distress.
We have the power to help each other,
But first we must love our fellow brother.

Angels are beings like you and I,
To help a world that seems to die.
Enrich your soul someway today,
By helping someone along your way.

Copyright 1999 by Donald D. Campbell

If Tomorrow Never Comes

If tomorrow never comes I had this final day,
To hold each smile and memories of you to stay.
If holding you is no longer in my days,
I will always cherish the memories we made.

If tomorrow never comes I have this last chance,
To look deeply in your eyes and make a print of your glance.
Deeply upon my mind your smile shines bright,
Lighting a special place in my heart tonight.

If tomorrow never comes I know what I felt,
Your heart touched mine as if it were to melt.
If your lips are to never touch mine,
I had this day to remember them as they made my heart chime.

If tomorrow never shall come this way again,
Always remember my heart with you I send.
I will always remember how I was blest,
Just to know this day was the best.

Copyright 1998 by Donald D. Campbell

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