Ajit Bir, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. MA in History from St.Stephen's College Delhi Univ 1965. Research in Philosophy of History till 1967 Delhi Univ. Taught History in MPC College Baripada and SIES. College Bombay till 1972. Wrote plays novels short stories and essays. Did Arts and lived as an artist.

My Cremation

It is now time for me to carry my own deadbody,
to the cremation ground and set fire to it,
to see how the world looks to me,
to others,
whom I could not give much in kind,
and the love I gave was not needed.
I see a huge sun creating deserts all over;
I see oceans submerging the mortals;
I see winds flying like satellites;
I see fire in every house, every family, every couple;
I see the gravity trying to hold them back to their
their egoes, their aspirations;
I see the space time and sky pulling them away,
from their dear and near ones.
I question,
what happened to those words and numbers,
what happened to those offices and files,
what what happened to those awards and money ?
Can they fly like me at will and all over,
with out an aeroplane, without a satellite ?
Can they enter any body as I can ?
But I do not want to be trapped by the Gravity,
nor the Space time and SKY.
I have to carry my deadbody myself,
if I do not have to see crawling insects all over it
But even now I see crawling insects all over,
in the Universities, in the government, in the cities,
in the villages.
Why can not they be humane or just MAN ?

Copyright 2003 by Ajit Bir