Hector Betancourt: Born in S.A. belonging to middle upper class family graduated in Arts & Scienses My family are Professionals, however I am manic-depressive.


You bring serenity into my tormented soul.
You bring solace. You bended me like a willow tree and as I kiss thee I
just think of You and my horrid nightmares dissipated as a grain of sand.
We walked together slowly, as We talked about our tortures and our hopes.
Your eyes reflect the nobility of your soul.
Your voice is sweet as the tune of your flute.
Your destiny has changed...from wandering the hard pavement for days and
nights that never end with your flute as your companion.
My love is unconditional...I treasure your friendship as I had trusted my
brother. You are as sweet as candy, and you have the body of a Pagan God.

Copyright 2000 by Hector Betancourt