Michael Belongie is immediate past president of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, founded in 1950. A resident of Beaver Dam, Michael is an educator, who is broadcasting a fiber-optic, interactive television course to several Wisconsin high schools - Power Poetry - to foster poetry awareness to like-minded students/poets.

Patrick's Sturgeon

Another sturgeon has been speared and tagged,
hanging by tail, eye follows to tentacled sucker mouth.
Legal limit, longest living for fresh water fish
has haunted generations of ice shanty lore.

Stockbridge side of Lake Winnebago,
prehistoric sturgeon assails
collective mind and imagination as
old as first settling New York Indian tribe.

Curious bottom feeder is drawn
to lights and decoys; shadowy movements
draw sturgeon to open water of hole;
harpooners awaiting the strike and run of coil.

Ice shanties are spread carelessly, connected
like decades of rosary beads to shore; life feeds on life.
Long-lifed sturgeon, curious, searches out
as fisher that mottled ever-changing light.

Copyright by Michael Belongie

Picture Window

The too-small bedroom view
is opened with a vengeance;
umbrella-shaped choke cherry,
golden locust and elder, look
alike elm, now encompass the panorama.

Carpenter rip-saws
the opening, the gap
that a twister might bare
with studs and insulation.

Now from armchair, the quarry wall
at thirty degree sweep can be
studied to frame poems from
sedimentary layers too old
and sacred for idle words.

Welcome widening horizon
and tree-topped perch;
abrupt wingspan for
flight and fancy of

Copyright by Michael Belongie

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