Annell Hagen (penname) is a 13 year old homeschooler who has been writing for several years. Besides poetry, Annell enjoys writing novels, which she hopes to someday get published. She also enjoys reading, playing cello, piano, composing, and enjoying nature.


Shimmering lights in the sky of night,
Misty fog obscuring the vision.
Both are glimpses of a dream world
Hidden to everything but the mind.

A rainbow arching color across the sky,
Sunlight sparkling upon the water.
Two worlds linked together
By these crossings of visions.

Every now and then the dream worlds will glimpse
Terror, destruction, fear, and fraud.
All the experiences that make our world human.
All the experiences that make our world fearful.

Yet every now and then
Someone comes along
Who is barely human:
Socrates, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci.
For those you can see such beauty,
Those who aren't caught up in traffic,
Those people are hardly human,
But dreamers sent from a dream world.

Copyright 2000 by Annell Hagen

There's Always a Happy Ending

Like the fairytales so often read from a book to a child, like the
stories told around a fire, so there will always be happy endings.
Tears running so freely down red cheeks may be the tears of joy, only
disguised as tears of sadness.  When one loses a loved one, there will
be comfort, and the heart will heal, and happiness will again be felt.
An animal lost in the street will be found, and taken to a new home,
where happiness lives.
  Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, both have happy endings.  Some endings
may not seem so happy, but when delved deeper into, a happiness is
found.  When one looks back on a sad memory, and realizes that it was
happiness who healed the wound, one has found a deeper song.  Listen,
and in all things around you, you will hear happiness presiding.
Listen, hear the birds singing the heart out.  Listen, hear the wind
rustle the trees.  Listen to the creek lapping its way into the stream.
Listen, hear the song of happiness all around you.
  And perhaps,

  Sometime soon,

  You will realize,

  That there's always a happy ending.

                            The end.

Copyright 2000 by Annell Hagen