My pen name is Anneji; the "ji" being Hindu for "the soul one". My real name is Anne Garton I live on the rural fringe Melbourne, Australia. I am 45 and I live with my three children, 21, 17 & 15. We live on 15 acres about 30 kilometres north of Melbourne. We have 5 horses and 4 dogs. I work running a community centre in Melbourne. I love self expression through the written word. My works are always in progress. They are most often psychoanalytic in nature and usually require the reader to "dig deep". I like them to affect people.

Altered State

Surreal is how you render
what were once ordinary surrounds
and your presence challenges my senses
invading my awareness
leaves me grasping onto
shreds of sensibility
swooning I gaze absently
at the bareness of your forearm
between thought and voice
the lapse before your words penetrate
my psyche's suspended animation
mingled with desire's impetuous rush
overcome yet miraculously overcoming
for all intent and purpose
I manage to stay intact
though I remain
irrevocably altered by you.

Copyright 2003 by Anneji