Devotional Poetry

Publisher's comment:

This style of poetry has a long tradition. For some it is the only poetry; for others it is cloying or annoying but harmless.

These poems share with other poetry that they serve as a vehicle for creativity often releasing the writer from the limits of their present circumstances. Some of these poems are a bridge to psychological peace and are written in extremes of feeling. Emotions are often large and confident, expressed in obvious language. This poetry may tend to avoid the creative and subtle use of language, which is why many readers avoid these writers.

"Devotional" seems to be a good general name for this style of writing. The writer is clearly devoted religiously or romantically, devoted without any equivocation whatsoever.

Since I get many opportunities here at Spondee to present my own preference for poetry, the web gives me the leisure to present these poets with respect. Indeed, I hope that they, too, will challenge my preconceptions about language.

Often this kind of writing is so personal or so religious that it means something only to their beloved, to a friend, to a spouse, leaving the rest of us out. I present them with the hope that that is not necessarily so. Take a read.

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Donald Campbell
Julie Copeland
Sandi Filyaw
Patricia M. Klempa
Spencer Knierim_Jr.
Michael Levy
Linda McColm
Terry-Marie Shipley
Jason Siatkowski
Connie A Slagle
Monica E. Smith