An Invitation to Poets to be Published Here

Spondee would like to present the work of contemporary poets.

Mail to: Welcome Writers: New Poetry

Please send a short bio, a few words to give the reader an idea about you. The bio will be published with your poetry. We won't edit your poetry or your bio, but we may ask you to make obvious corrections. If you wish to use a pen name, kindly inform us that you are doing so. We will keep your real name confidential if you wish.

Please send all poetry and your bio via email. It is impossible to accept any more poems in word processing or text files. We need to delete all attachments for security reasons.

If you are a young person, it is helpful to include your age.

Our editorial standards are not too severe as the nature of poetry is personal. Your poetry must have a literary and human quality to it that is unique, personal and, yet, universal. If we reject your poem, the editor will write to you. The purpose of this site is to use the Internet to foster reading and publication of poetry. A good site will serve both the beginner and the skilled, the reader and the writer, and the many of us in between.

The quality of what we publish is important because we want our readers to feel what you are writing and what we are publishing is a worthwhile stop in this sea of information.


Unless you tell us otherwise, we will publish each of your poems with a copyright in your name. If your poem has appeared in a magazine it may have been copyrighted by the magazine and we need to know that. Please do not forget to include the magazine and date of publication.

Since you retain the copyright, you may make changes to your poems or bio as you wish. If you request it, we will remove your page from this site.

Linking your Site to Spondee

If you have your own web pages, send your URL (web page address) and we will put it on our list of links to other poets which appear on SPONDEE.NET. The link is an amazing way for poets to be in touch with each other. Our policy is reinforce these connections without a critical editorial eye. If you peruse the links we have here, keep in mind that the owner of each site is the editor and publisher, not us. We will exclude links only for gross violations of common decency or attempts to pander to racist, supranationalistic or gender-war fears.

Mail to: Poetry Web Links

Religion and Politics

Religious and political poetry is presented here without editorial comment on the beliefs of the writer. Standards of poetry will not be waived, no matter the cause.