I am Sister Andrew-John, OBJN, a Solitary Religious of the Episcopal Church, Director of Jubilee House, a Transitional Living Facility, and Registered Nurse. I am a new poet, at least as regards publishing.

I have only been published a few times, (except for church newsletters), and that was in "Byline Magazine" and in "The Living Church," a nation wide magazine for Episcopalians, published in Milwaukee.

I especially enjoy writing syllabic verse - haikus, tankas and cinquains. I also like sonnets and other forms of metric, rhymed poetry, and have only recently tried free verse. My particular fascination with traditional poetry is the challenge I find ln the mathematics of fitting into a prescribed form without the loss of beauty and imagery.

I have written poetry all my life, but never prolifically. But in the last three years, after realizing a late vocation to the religious life, I have begun to write a great deal more. As a Solitary, which in my case means living my Rule alone instead of in a community, I find that poetry has taken a prime place ln my self-expression I am an Oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, a semi-enclosed contemplative order of monks and nuns, whose house is nearby, and where I spend a day every week.

I lead a busy life running this house, working in two inner-city parishes, and teaching two creative writing courses for retired people. I also work as a nurse two days each month to help support myself, a requirement for a Solitary.

I was born in 1933 and was educated in Vermont and New Hampshire, but have been a mid-westerner for well over half of my life.

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