A Bit of Celtic Wistful Melancholy

by John Faragher

John is an educator.   He is responsible for installing the first computers (school administrative and student) in the area.  He founded this poetry website and has since written Innocent Minds and May Days (a first love story) which is available on his website.  His work combines a romantic spirit, a passionate defense of the dignity and courage of soldiers everywhere, a love of literacy and an advocacy for peace.   His novel is a charming read; the voice is natural and melancholic.

"It shall be no trespassing
If I come again in spring
In the grey disguise of years
Seeking ache of memory here."
                   -Robert Frost

Disconsolate Mother

Think where man's glory most begins and ends,
and say my glory was I had such friends.

Nymph of Flaxen-hair Loveliness Passed Today

The Dove

Send My Roots Rain
A Mouthful of Air Burning Leaves

Cousin of Iris