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Poets Against the War

February 5, 2003. 4 A week ago Sam Hamill sent an open letter -- printed below -- to a few friends. Word has spread like wildfire from mailbox to mailbox, and to date thousands of poets have submitted poems or personal statements to register their opposition to the Bush administration's headlong plunge toward war in Iraq. In doing so, they have honored a long and rich tradition of thoughtful and moral opposition by poets and other artists to senseless and murderous policies, including those of our own government..... (more)

Rebecca Seiferle, "Not A War Song,"
read by Sam Hamill

Thanks to On Point Radio (NPR) Feb. 5, 2003

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Grateful to our writers, Spondee presents the following:

Charlotte Mew, 1869-1928

"Haunted by unrequited passion and tormented by fears of madness she, nevertheless, produced poems of unique beauty and passion. Although her life was lived for the most part in poverty and despair she was still recognized by Vita Sackville West as a poetess of distinction. Virginia Woolf called her the greatest living poetess...."

Jessica Powers , 1905-1988, Wisconsin mystic

"To Jessica the landscape of Wisconsin must have been overwhelming at times ... she reflected on the beauty and enchantment of such places as the rugged limestone peninsula of Door County, the singular hills and kettles of the Kettle Moraine area, the heart stopping experience of the driftless hills, the ever widening horizon of the northern lake and forest counties....   Many of Jessica's poetic reflections [are] influenced by her living experiences in a cloistered Carmelite community..."

Other Wisconsin poets , (www.spondee.net was developed in Wisconsin)

AnnellHagen, 16 Mike BelongieKen BlessingGerald BosackerLarry BuzeckyElaine CavanaughSue DeKelverIzabel Elliott, 12 Ron EllisMardi FriesAnnette GrunsethJon Koschoreck, 21 Mitch L'HeraultJackie LangetiegBarbara LarsenJan LattimerSandra LindowKate Moraine, 17 John Morris, 19 Chris Parker, 18 Mara PtacekMaryEllen SchmidtPeggy ShimkusSue SilvermarieJerry SternNadine S. StLouisSprague VonierMatt WelterMarianna WrightMarjmarie Zuiker

John Faragher, mentor and friend

John is a former science teacher who worked in the public school systems in the Milwaukee area.   He is responsible for installing the first computers (school administrative and student) in the area.  He founded this poetry website and has since written Innocent Minds and May Days (a first love story) which is available on his website.  His writing combines a romantic spirit, a passionate defense of the dignity and courage of soldiers everywhere, a love of literacy and an advocacy for peace.   His novel is a charming read; the voice is natural and melancholic.

Publisher's Honorable Mention.

From time to time, I will put a few names here for special attention. While I respect and love the work of all of our poets, some have, in my opinion, shown exceptional promise, literary skill, and elegance. --WS.

Athena Beauchamp
Elaine Cavanaugh
Bob Church
Izabel Elliott, 12
Ron Ellis
Apryl Fox, 21
Billy Grates, 19
Anneke Hofs
Sherna Khambatta
Esha Maree, 12
Nigel McLoughlin
Kate Moraine, 17
Sue Silvermarie
Marianna Wright

Sister Andrew-John, member of OBJN order

Young writers - youth and promise

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Charlotte Mew

Jessica Powers

John Faragher

A few Wisconsin poets

Sister Andrew-John, OBJN

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The Cranes of Ibycus

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Index of all Contributors
AnnellHagen, 16
Judi Armbruster
BoghosLuder Artinian
Ghadeer A Ayyash, 17
C Allisson Beal, 20
Athena Beauchamp
Mike Belongie
Hector Betancourt
Ajit Bir
Ken Blessing
Kristen Bonnette, 21
Alan Booth
Gerald Bosacker
Anthony Broxterman, 21
Larry Buzecky
Donald Campbell
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Lou Caprara
Charissa Carr, 17
Antonio Casolari
Elaine Cavanaugh
Patricia Celis, 21
Augustine Chan
Chantelle, 15
Francis Charters
Jessica Chiarella, 22
Handsen Chikowore
Chloe, 19
Bob Church
Julie Copeland
Stacey-Maree Cotter, 19
Jason Creed
Dani, 14
Crystal Davis, 21
Sue DeKelver
Jill Domschot
Dale A Edmands
Jon Edwards
Izabel Elliott, 12
Ron Ellis
Roe Estep
Aliya Fatkhoutdinova, 19
Mallory Federle, 12
Sandi Filyaw
Patrick Flood
Josh Foote, 20
Apryl Fox, 21
Mardi Fries
Calvin Fudge
Rhonda Fuller, 21
Carmen Gage
Halle Gerber, 19
Nicole Gibeault, 20
Gayle Goh, 15
Billy Grates, 19
Daniel Grey
Annette Grunseth
Sandra Hagle
Allan Hall
Candice Harper, 16
Andrew Hayes, 14
Eugene Adam Heckert, 18
Anneke Hofs
Jenniefer Holden, 19
Cory Icenogle
Joie, 19
Mary Joranco
Monica Jordon
Robert Joseph
Gabriel Justason, 14
Seth Kaplan
Paul Keirby
Sherna Khambatta
Patricia M. Klempa
Spencer Knierim_Jr.
Jon Koschoreck, 21
Vyacheslav Kupriyanov
Roland Kusian, 20
Mitch L'Herault
Livia Lakomy
Jackie Langetieg
Barbara Larsen
Jack Lassatar, 18
Jan Lattimer
Chris Laundra
Michael Levy
Sandra Lindow
Helen Lippell
Chris Lovejoy
KL Lowe
LynNerray, 14
Brandon Mac, 19
Roy MacKay
Cyrus Mahan
Esha Maree, 12
Gerard Mason, 21
Steven Mathewson
Christie McClure, 19
Linda McColm
Cathy McGuire
Paul McKenna
Kimberly McMahon
Nigel McLoughlin
David Ben McReynolds
Julie Miller, 16
Sandra Moatz
Kate Moraine, 17
John Morris, 19
Melissa Morris
Thomas F. Muller
Christopher Mulrooney
Sue Paraszczuk
Chris Parker, 18
J Patrick
Caitlin P, 17
Chris Peasley
Mary Petersen, 20
Sheri Pizzini
Robert Provenz
Mara Ptacek
Rizio Raj
Jennifer Ramsey
Nicholas Rogerson, 20
Rose, 17
Penni Russon
Jenni Ryall, 20
Andrew Ryan
Anosha Saleem, 15
Don Schaeffer
Lindsay Schenz, 20
MaryEllen Schmidt
Emily Schmitz, 19
Jerry Schroeder
Valeria Schultz, 19
Tom Sender
Anand Seshalyer
James Shearer
Peggy Shimkus
Terry-Marie Shipley
Jason Siatkowski
Sue Silvermarie
Connie A Slagle
Lyubka Slavova
Rick Slottow
Monica E. Smith
Douglas Snedden
Naresh Sonee
Karen A Sperry
Craig Steiger
Jerry Stern
Nadine S. StLouis
LoriRobin Stone
Mike Subritzky
Kiley Sue, 17
Michelle Swan
Yolanda V. Tirado
Rita Tolland, 16
Mike Trew
Sprague Vonier
Caitlin Warbelow, 19
Dan Ward, 19
Robin Ward
Matt Welter
Anthony White
Marianna Wright
Shana W, 15
Marjmarie Zuiker

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